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A termite infestation and damage can be devastating to your home or property. Termites are often called the “silent destroyer” because they may be secretly hiding and thriving in your home or yard without any immediate signs of damage. All termites consume cellulose-based plant materials. Unfortunately, all homes, regardless of their construction type, can provide cellulose food for termite infestation.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Termites have a preference for dark, humid and protected area which makes it hard to notice them  until it is too late. It is therefore advisable to plan for annual termite inspection and control from qualified and experienced technicians.

Termite Damage

You will often notice signs of a termite infestation rather than seeing live termites.

Below are common signs of termites that you might notice around your home or business:

  • Papery or hollow sounding timber – When termites consume timber, they eat from the inside out, leaving a thin veneer of timber or paint. When you knock or tap on an area that has termite damage, it will sound hollow or papery due to parts (or all) of the timber having been eaten away.
  • Your vacuum goes through the skirting board! – …or your finger presses through a door jam. These are some of the most common things we hear from customers as the first sign of termites. As termites have eaten away the structural integrity of the timber, such as a skirting board, door frame or architrave, bumps or pressure against them will easily cause damage.
  • Tight fitting door or hard to open window – As termites devour timber, their excrement or ‘mud’ creates a protective environment that traps heat and moisture. This causes timber to swell, making it harder to open a window or close a door.
  • Cracks in the cornice or door jams – As termites eat away the timber in your walls or door jams, it causes a loss in structural integrity and cracks form. Be careful jumping to conclusions, though; cracks could also be caused by movements in your home unrelated to termites.
  • Termite mud – Termites construct ‘mud’ tunnels to provide a safe environment in which to travel, or protect their food sources. This mudding is often hard to see as it will be behind your walls or underground, but can sometimes be seen in your home’s brick foundations or in architraves.

Have you seen these signs?

If you have noticed the above signs of termite damage, contact Azalia Pest immediately to book in a termite inspection.

If you do have termites, our experts will recommend the best treatment for your particular situation.

Termite Inspection

Annual termite inspections are essential for early detection of this pest’s activity on a property, and to prevent the potential for large scale termite damage and expensive repairs. Inspections also assess the conditions that make a property more susceptible to timber pests and our qualified technicians will suggest ways to minimise the risk of attack.

A comprehensive annual termite inspection by Azalia Pest is the best protection against termites. It can detect termite activity and prevent long term termite damage to your property.

Our Termite Inspection Service

Our termite control technicians use their experience and professional training to carry out a comprehensive inspection of your home or business premises. Our inspections:

  • Use local knowledge – Where you live is unique. Azalia Pest’s termite inspections are carried out by termite control technicians who not only have on-the-ground experience, but who are trained with in-depth local expertise, so they will always know what’s going on in your area.
  • Provide a comprehensive report – A full written report is provided to you at the completion of every termite inspection. Azalia Pest’s termite control technicians will draw upon knowledge about your area; from the surroundings to the seasons, from the wood types to the weather. After a comprehensive inspection of your entire premises, inside and out, they will provide you with recommendations on the best solution for your individual situation.

Contact us on 0718 937998 to arrange a termite inspection!

Effective Termite Control

If termites become a problem on your property, our termite control services can help you to deal with the problem effectively.

We’ll help you decide on the most suitable termite treatment depending on your individual situation and help you deal with your problem quickly and efficiently.

Our termite treatment solution involves applying a chemical barrier to soil, under flooring or around your perimeter of your building’s foundations to create an effective barrier against termites. We also provide a termite pre-construction treatment where soil is treated before any building of new structures take place as the ultimate preventative solution.

Did you know termites can devalue a home by more than 25%?

If you find yourself under attack from destructive termites, you want someone you can trust to quickly restore your sense of comfort and safety. At Azalia Pest, our termite treatment plans are tailored specifically for your particular needs.

Fact: A termite colony can consume 5g of wood per day. It may not sound like much but without treatment they can remain undetected in a property for years.

Fact: Termites can travel underground to get to your home; they can even get through cracks in your concrete slab.

Prevention Tips on how to get rid of Termites

 In keeping pests at bay, the small steps make a big difference.
1. Eliminate Moisture Problems

  • Repair leaking faucets, water pipes, and A/C units
  • Divert water from foundation
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean
  • Remove excessive plant cover and wood mulch
  • Get rid of standing water on roof
  • Keep all vents clear and open
  • Seal entry points around water and utility lines or pipes

2. Remove Termite Food Sources

  • Keep firewood, lumber or paper away from foundation or crawl space
  • Get rid of stumps and debris near house
  • Place screens on outside vents
  • Check decks and wooden fences for damage
  • Wood on your home shouldn’t contact the soil

Those simple steps go a long way in preventing termite infestation and also adhering to the treatment plan that we offer at Azalia Pest.

Call us today on 0718 937998 to book an inspection visit.

Do termites eat treated pine?

No, they do not, but they can use treated logs and footings as a bridge into your house.

Are termites covered under home insurance?

No. Most home insurance policies do not cover damage done by termites. As many homes are affected by termites in their lifetime, it pays for you to be vigilant. Our professional termite treatments for your home or business can control an existing problem and prevent future infestations.

How can I prevent termites?

There are simple and very practical steps you can take to greatly reduce the risk of an infestation. Changes can be put in place easily, with possibly no cost to you. See our prevention tips.

How do I get rid of termites?

If you discover termites in your home, you should not attempt to get rid of them yourself. If termites are disturbed, they will simply re-route their activity to another area of the house. Give our termite specialists a call immediately on 0718 937998 or take a look at our termite treatments.

Is ‘Do It Yourself’ termite control an option?

DIY termite control or DIY termite treatment is a bad idea, as identifying the termites is a very important step towards successfully treating termites. DIY termite traps are not effective, as disrupting termites could mean that they re-route to attack another area of your home. Our Azalia Pest specialists have the experience and expertise to advise whether the termites are a threat or not and recommend the optimum treatment for your individual situation.

How should I choose a termite and pest control company?

Look for a well-established company which has the ability to support you and your home for years to come, continuously researches the latest technology, and has experienced and regularly-trained termite control technicians who know your local area.

Are your treatments safe for my family?

All of our termite bait is non-toxic and not harmful to children, pets or adults.

When is the best time to have a Termite Treatment?

A treatment for termites can be proactive or reactive. Treatments are generally indicated whenever you notice termite activity; however our termite treatment is a two-pronged approach to termite control.

How quickly can termites infest a house?

Termites are always looking for new sources of food, so if they discover a large amount of wood in or around your house which isn’t properly treated, they could move in the same day. Termites can even infest a house structure before it’s completed so if you’re moving into a new home, check out our pre-purchase inspections.

How do termites enter my home?

Termites can squeeze through very small cracks and holes. They do however need a very controlled environment: the nest and all pathways to it are usually at a much higher temperature than the surrounding air. This means that termites will either enter your home using timber in contact with the ground or via “mud tunnels” from the ground through cracks in concrete or pipe penetrations through the slab or foundation walls. See the Termite Prevention section to see the barrier which can be deployed to help to prevent termite entry.

How do you know if you have termites?

Termites aren’t easy to spot. There are sometimes tell-tale signs like mud tunnels, but termites can be very clever at hiding their tracks. If you suspect that you have termites, you should invest in a termite inspection as soon as possible by one of our Termite Control Technicians.