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We specialize in the extermination of pests by using the latest fumigation methods in schools, sports facilities, catering, facilities and storage areas.


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Azalia Pest - Pest Control & Fumigation Company

We focus on solving all pest problems in commercial and residential premises. We offer consultation and inspection services and advise individuals on how to keep pests at bay.

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They strive to utilize the best products and methods currently available to treat and rid your home of unwanted pests.

Also I love that they offer biological and mechanical controls to reduce re-infestation if and where it is possible.

There products are Eco friendly as they strive to utilize the latest environmentally engineered products.

Loved that, they are very professional, as they use targeted treatments that pinpoint the pest that you may have rather than a blanket approach….

Azalia anytime. Thank you.

Shelmith Charles


I loved the professionalism ��� use these guys anytime…

Nzilani Mulati